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European Conference for space sciences brings together about 500 experts.
The EUCASS (European Conference for Aeronautics ans Space Sciences) in its 6th edition was held in Krakow (Poland). On 4-days conference, with up to 12 parallel sessions, the EUCASS had a huge participation of European, Russian and Chinese experts. In addition to technical sessions took place four plenary sessions, highlighting the future of launchers and about the future of satellite technology.

Arianespace is already developing a large new launcher, the Ariane-6, which should start operating in 2020 as well as a medium-sized launcher VEGA-C. Interestingly, there is a setting for the study of new technologies for the next decade, and to reuse is the most important. To test the ESA reuse technology is now looking for a micro-launcher. This niche would fit the Brazilian VLM, if its development schedule was compatible with ESA requirements.
Another technology mentioned as worthy of attention is the carbon fiber cases for solid propellants, also developed in Brazil.

It drew attention also to mention the governance of the European program. Government institutes take care exclusively of research while development is done in small and medium-sized companies. The production is the responsibility of Arianespace and Airbus.